A man in South Carolina was recently arrested for being pants-free inside a Waffle House. I’m very happy to now know this because in the past, I was unclear on the clothing requirements in Waffle House. Pants have always been an issue to me and if I could go without them while eating some greasy breakfast then you know I would. However, I now understand that pants are a big requirement in most Waffle House restaurants and I will never make that mistake.

Ryan Christopher, of Fayetteville, N.C. did everyone who loves waffles but hates pants a giant favor. Christopher pioneered the test of the dress code when he was spotted by a police officer sitting with his pants to his ankles in a Waffle House booth making offensive hand gestures to another customer. When police warned Christopher to pull his pants up or he would be kicked out of the restaurant, he pulled his pants back up. However, this now pants-touting patron continued to talk about the junk inside his pants inappropriately and then was arrested for refusing to leave the restaurant.

Two things have been learned today. No. 1: pants are required in Waffle House. No. 2: keep the sweet talk away from where they make the waffles.