If you are finding yourself without a pair of solar eclipse glasses today here is a list of places you can safely watch the solar eclipse in the Capital Region.

eclipse glasses

Before the weekend even hit most local retailers around the Capital Region had completely SOLD OUT of the specifically designed solar eclipse glasses that experts say you should use to safely watch today's eclipse you know, without burning your eye balls.

Not only that but most online retailers also seemed to be sold out or on back order. Even the ones on back order had a significant price increase and weren't even scheduled to be delivered until after the eclipse was over.

If you are one of the many in the Capital region that are finding yourself with out the designated spectacles today our friends at CBS 6 Albany have put together a handy dandy list of places in the area where you can go to view this amazing phenomenon without damaging your eyesight.

While places like the Children's Museum of Science and Technology, The Schenectady miSci Museum, and the Henry Hudson Planetarium require a fee of some sort there are quite a few places on the list that are FREE to the public! To view the full list of viewing parties all you have to do is click HERE.


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