The only rock festival this summer is The Q103 Q-Ruption August 19th at SPAC.  Starring Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, Sick Puppies, Egypt Central and one local band to open the show.  For the past month, we solicited for the best local bands in the Capital Region. The finalists have been selected to Play for the Stage at Savannahs.  Who made it through.   There are many great sounding bands in the Capital Region.  We wish we could have all of them play at Q-Ruption on August 19th.  However, we only have room for 9 bands to battle and Play For The Stage Friday nights at Savannahs.

Congratulations to Pipebomb, winner of week one and Tamberlane, winner of week two - and Selfish Needy Creatures  moving on to the finals August 12th.

The Q103 judges had a difficult time picking the 9  bands so we selected 13.    8 finalists have been chosen to play.  One of the  5 other bands will make the final slot but it will be up to you to have your voice heard and vote them in.

Congratulations to the  SELFISH NEEDY CREATURES, winner of Play For The Stage and will open for Q-Ruption.
Gates open at 5pm.

Here are the 9 bands that are finalists and will Play for the Stage!

Joe Nacco Band - Closer

Nine Ball - Stand Up

Pipebomb - Dead


Potter's Field -Stand in Sillouettes

Tamerlane - Perfect Day

The Hearing Aides - Wrongheaded

Uncivil Liberty - Pound For Pound

Kolekora - Lost

Selfish Needy Creatures - I'll Be Damned

The finals:  August 12th

Selfish Needy Creatures

One of these bands will be opening for Q-Ruption!

Thanks to
The Erotics, Fort Rooster, Garden Road, Hygeer
and their fans for participating in the vote in process.

Special thanks to all the bands who submitted to Play For The Stage.

Good Luck to all!

Go Rock Yourself at 1035 & 1039

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