Well, now I have heard everything. Looks like it may longer be a question of paper or plastic. Might just be paper.

In the governor's defense, oh I shouldn't have said that. But really, all joking aside, I sort of agree with his proposition. Listen, there is a massive issue with plastics and the environment. Even in the cleanest of cities throughout the state, you are prone to seeing a flying grocery store plastic bag. It isn't the grocery stores fault. Sometimes it isn't even your fault. I have had a bag that was empty in the back seat of my car just go flying out the open window at highway speeds. I didn't mean for that to happen, it just did.

The proposition is mainly to make citizens of New York start using reusable bags. That is all fine and good, in most cases, those bags are not free like the plastic ones. Also, this would mean I no longer can hoard the ever so durable Stewarts bags for use. He used the term "bags that are not reusable" I think that shouldn't include Stewarts.

His ban also would not include the clear plastic ones in the produce and meat departments of a grocery store.

There is part of me that really agrees with this and then on the other side, I do disagree. Do you feel much of the same way?