Apparently when Catholic priests retire they follow the path of the "little old lady from Pasadena."You may have heard that there was a car chase Monday - and you may have thought "big deal" but suddenly it becomes quite the interesting story when you find out that the driver was a retired priest.

Rev. Francis McCloskey  (71 years young) was charged with reckless driving, among other traffic related charges.

It was a low speed chase though and only lasted ten minutes and in a rental car too! Police said he pulled over twice and then took off. He was wearing his collar at the time too. I'd think he had to get to someone for last rites but that hasn't been indicated.

Sometimes I speed because I have to go to the bathroom but no matter how bad you have to go, it's always a poor choice to run from the police no matter how slow the speed.

The Times Union has more details, although not many more.