Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin went and got himself arrested, again. This time in Beverly Hills, and the whole thing could have (potentially) been avoided had he followed the cardinal rule of not driving while (allegedly) doing illegal things. Make sure your whip is legit!

Wes got busted a week before Christmas in Beverly Hills for having expired registration. Things then continued to get worse for Wes, according to TMZ, because the cops then discovered that Wes had a warrant out for his arrest. So naturally the cops proceeded to search his car where, inevitably, they found some sort of controlled substance. Which, obviously, there was enough of for the police to cuff him and lock him up.

After being booked on misdemeanor drug charges Wes managed to post $51,000 with a quickness and he is a free man … for now.

I wonder how many club gigs’ it takes for Wes to make $51k? This marks Wes’ 4th arrest this year following the luggage carousel ride he took at the Denver Airport, a DWI in Minnesota, and a DUI in South Dakota. I smell a tour coming … but probably just to pay all the legal fees.