A raccoon that was stuck in a tree in downtown Troy Wednesday has been captured and will be released back into the wild.

According to The Record (Troy, NY), the stuck raccoon created quite a buzz in downtown Troy, where he was stuck for around six hours. The raccoon was captured around 1pm by Troy Animal Control Officer Kevin McDonough in an alley off River Street. McDonough spent some time monitoring the raccoon and it drew many onlookers to the scene who gathered to watch the action. The raccoon made it's home River Street for the day sitting in trees and on ledges of buildings, and at one point climbed down the tree and hid behind trash bins, occasionally popping it's head out. The raccoon was eventually captured after cornering himself in a storefront entranceway. McDonough said the animal would be taken "back to the country and released." Check out photos from the raccoon chase here.