Maybe its really time to start building the ark and lining up 2 by 2.  The forecast for the next 7 days calls for rain and lots of it.  After the great week the Capital Region had last week, Mother Nature has said its time for you to pay!


Better have the umbrella's ready! According the National Weather Service the next 7 days have 80 percent chance of rain in the Albany area as well as the northeast, however as we get closer to the weekend the chance of rain deminishes.  Next Monday is when the weather forecast calls for sun.

The reason for this rain is that there are two low pressure disturbances that are not moving, therefore remaining stationary spinning high in the atmosphere causing all this rain.  One low pressure system is in the Atlantic Ocean the other is sitting over the Ohio Valley- a perfect storm you might say.  Since the jet stream is not pushing the Low out in the Altantic away, the low over the Ohio Valley will sit there until the weekend.  Bringing to the Capital Region unseasonably cool temperatures and lots of rain.

Most places across the area will receive a total of 2 to 4 inches of rain through Friday. Since that rain will fall over a multi-day period, widespread flooding is not expected.

Hopefully the week won't be a complete washout. As the showers are expected to be hit or miss.  However now comes the chaos of rained out practices and games and when to cut the grass!

Thanks a lot mother nature,  please bring back the nice weather we had last week!