How often do you take the time to look up at the sky? Seems like a silly question but, if you really think about it, it's probably been a while since you stopped what you were doing and took 1 minute to look up. If there was ever a time to see the stars it's this month.

Starting on Monday March 27th, according to, you will have the chance to see more than stars, you will see 5 planets align in a 'planetary parade' featuring Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Uranus. Here's how to spot them.

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Your window of time for this planetary parade is March 23rd through March 30th with optimal dates being Monday March 27th and Tuesday March 28th. This unique event will be visible around the world but you will need a good vantage point facing West for the best chance to see them.

NPR suggests grabbing your binoculars and waiting for sunset. Just when the sun goes below the horizon, but still lights the sky, you will have the best chance. Venus and Mars should be easy to see. "Look low in that bright part of the sky where the sun has just set with binoculars, and you should see brighter Jupiter next to fainter Mercury," - Rick Fienberg of Sky & Telescope

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