Oh man this might give me a reason to do my holiday shopping at the actual mall.

Do you remember back in May when we told you about a raw cookie dough bar that had just opened up in Buffalo but was already thinking about opening up a spot in the Capital Region? Well, in case you missed that memo let me get you up to speed ...

There is this guy in Western New York who has figured out a cookie dough recipe that does not include raw eggs so you can eat copious amounts of it without getting sick. He has since taken this recipe and opened a raw cookie dough bar called Dough Boyz!

The raw cookie dough bar looks similar to an ice cram shop but instead of scoops of ice cream you get scoops of cookie dough!

Now that we are all caught up, it's time for the GOOD NEWS! Dough Boyz is opening up at the Crossgates Mall just in time to get you through your holiday shopping! According to a Facebook post by Crossgates the raw cookie dough bar will be opening up in late November on the lower level near Vera Bradley!