I thought the concept of Sharknado was pretty awesome. I even watched the primer of the sci-fi movie starring Tara Reed. However, had I known there was going to be an actual Catnado, I would have saved my energy and focused it on that!

“Severe weather swept across parts of the United Kingdom earlier this week, bringing heavy downpours and strong winds that left thousands without power and "lifted cats in the air," according to the BBC…

‘We've got four feral cats in the yard and they were being lifted off the ground - about 6ft off the ground," Shirley Blay told the news outlet."They just went round like a big paper bag’.” –HP

I would pay good money to watch some airborn kitties. This almost has me motivated to pack up my cats in a backpack and head to one of those expensive indoor sky-diving joints. The second they start up the big floor fan and I become airborn, I unzip my bag and boom! Indoor Catnado just fills the room with cuteness!

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