According to a new study, drinking beer can actually help your creative and problem solving skills.  All those drunken ideas don't seem so stupid now, do they?


AskMen posted the results of a new study done by the University of Illinois that proves that being drunk can actually make you smarter.  Without getting into to many scientific details, basically people who are intoxicated are able to think more 'outside of the box' than someone who is sober.

It's a bit confusing, since usually we don't make the greatest decision when we are drunk, but when it comes to problem solving, it's actually a step in the right direction.  The study showed that 20 young men that were drunk solved 40% more test problems than the sober group.  The reason?

Apparently when you are sober you can become to focused on one option instead of testing things out.  See, the logic of peeing on the side of a van instead of going inside to save time seems way more logical now, right?  We'll take our genius certificate now please.

[Via AskMen]

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