Through Monday, a crackdown is in effect.  It's Memorial Day weekend, a time to celebrate, to remember and honor veterans past and present, and a time to enjoy.  But, not a time to drink and drive (well, really at no time should you be drinking and driving).

CBS 6 Albany posted about a reminder by officials that this weekend there is a DWI crackdown in effect.  The crackdown this year is in honor of Sandy LaPlante, who was hit by a drunk driver in 2014 and lost her leg as a result.  You may also recognize who she is from the billboard showing her and the quote "I got hit by a drunk driver, I got the life sentence" as noted by CBS 6 Albany.

Drinking and driving is no joke.  With all of the options like ride-sharing services, taxis, or perhaps a friend who hasn't been drinking, there's no excuse to get a DWI.  As someone who doesn't drink anymore, I never have a problem giving a friend a ride as opposed to having there be more danger out on the roads.  Enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe!

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