Some of us still remember the little music venue by the river, some of us still remember Saratoga Winners, I can't drive by the old Saratoga Winners lot without turning my head toward where the building used to stand.

I don't know what I am expecting to see anymore when I turn my head to look at the old lot, Saratoga Winners is never coming back and I don't need to see where it was to remember being there.

My favorite memory of Saratoga Winners is when I was running late to see Clutch, the parking lot was full and I had to park really close to the river. It was a foggy night and as I walked up the hill toward the building I could hear Clutch as they started to play "The Regulator" as I walked through the fog and I have never felt so badass in my life.

I saw GWAR 4 times at Saratoga Winners, my favorite was the second time I saw them because Slymenstra was there and she almost burned the building down.

I once accidentally called Karyn Crisis a b#### while standing in front of Saratoga Winners, in my defense: I was giving a friend who was opening for her a pep talk.

I don't know what I am expecting to see every time I drive by, but I know what I want to see, the same thing anyone who had been there before wants to see, a concert venue by the river, but I am not expecting to see Saratoga Winners restored any time soon.

But I can dream can't I?


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