If you long for the 1980's and the vibes it brought. Then this is definitely for you.

The 1980's sure were an amazing time, music was amazing in every genre. Men wore makeup, well some still do. Also, club's were insanely popular. In fairness, club's still are popular. I myself was never able to experience a club in the 1980's, but now I will be able to.

I was just watching an episode of Black Mirror where it was centered around the club life. That episode is what I think about when I hear 80's club.

Michael Barry will be opening Glory Dayz today! This is as he describes, "An 80's nitelife club", according to Times Union. Don't expect to hear any modern music either, I mean that would just ruin the vibe. Only 80's tunes are to be played here. This new club will be in the building 13 North used to call home.

Are you going to check it out? Read more from Times Union here.

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