I don't have much business being in a Home Depot.  The last time I attempted to build anything, it collapsed within ten minutes.  The wall lightbulb in my bathroom's been out for about two months because I haven't gotten around to changing it.  That's basically where I'm at as a handy-woman.  Music's really more my forte.

BUT, I absolutely will head to a Home Depot to crash a work day!!!  Today I got to drive up to Clifton Park, and crash the work day of our WorkDay Distraction winner Maryanne, with a pair of Royal Blood Tickets! The band is coming to Upstate Concert Hall on July 31st, and Maryanne and her daughter we be there rocking!

Each week, I head out to crash the work day of a hard working rock and roll fan.  So make sure you nominate yourself or your hard working coworkers here!


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