The boys of Van Halen have postponed their recent summer tour because they say they are tired. Speculation is that the band is not getting along. However all postponed dates are supposed to be rescheduled, and when that happens Eddie Van Halen says something special will happen. The something special could be Van Halen performing at the Super Bowl in New Orleans 2013.

Eddie Van Halen has told the USA TODAY that in November the band will continue on it's tour, hit Japan and then play something very special - but can't tell us right now.

If Van Halen is to play the Super bowl, this will be the latest band that the NFL has hired of aging and old rock/pop stars to play the extended intermission. Since the infamous Waldrobe Malfunction Halftime Show and other than the Black Eyed Peas in 2011, the NFL has hired Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones,  Prince, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen,  The Who, and Madonna.


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