I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks this new law is absolutely absurd. Are there not actual injustices our legislators could be discussing?

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To be honest I don't completely understand or follow politics as closely as I probably should. Recently as I have been making more of an effort to become informed I'm really upset with myself that I haven't done so sooner because some of the things that I am seeing our local politicians focusing on are just completely frivolous.

Yesterday I blogged about the legal age to purchase tobacco products and smoking accessories in Albany County being raised to 21 and Dan America recently blogged (or parodied) this new law that was just passed in Saratoga where you can not sit on a sidewalk in the city without being fined or even imprisoned. While I have many opinions on both matters that largely disagree with their rulings or whatever I'm more dumbfounded that there is actually an extensive amount of time and tax payer dollars being spent on such asinine things that I'm sure have some sort of other underlying purpose.

That being said I'm glad there are others that feel the same about the new Saratoga Law that in reality will in no way fix "the problem" it says it intends to.

Some Sartoga Residents have created a facebook event encouraging others to participate in a peaceful protest being called a "Sunset Sit Down Session" the description on the event invite states:

City Hall has unfortunately decided to pass an ordinance which makes it illegal to sit down (or lay down) on the sidewalks of Saratoga Springs, NY.

This is unfortunate, because it is a blatant attempt to eradicate through legalities the homeless and poor people who live in this beautiful city.

While the counsel passed this ordinance based off of what they call "Common Sense", under the guise of public safety, many people in the community have seen the ordinance for what it is.

We are staging a peaceful protest to raise awareness of the fact that this ordinance has no bearing, nor does it actually work towards the betterment of the human condition.

How are we doing this? Simple.

Bring your guitars, your violins, your flutes, and harmonica's. Anything that you'd like. Let's get together and jam a bit for a Sunset Sit-down Session.

Bring your coffee, sandwiches, whatever you like. By doing so we hope to demonstrate that the sidewalks belong to the cities resident's.

If homelessness is what the city aims to eradicate, perhaps it's leaders can come up with ways to help those who find themselves less fortunate in such a rich city, rather than pass ordinances which would impose fines and possibly jail for someone who simply decided to sit down.

That last paragraph right there, that is what what this is really all about. I'm beginning to think it was much easier going the ignorance is bliss route only, if we all went that route things such as these would just continue on wouldn't it? **sigh**

If you want to more info on the rest of the event details you can check out the facebook post HERE.


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