It's not just tobacco smokers affected either ... You vape bra?

smoking sleeplessness
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

It is official, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy just signed a law that will up the tobacco purchasing age from 18 years old to 21 years old. The law is also not just for tobacco purchasers either. It targets pretty much any sort of smoking or vaping product. According to WNYT the law includes:

cigarettes, tobacco products, liquid nicotine or e-cigarettes

but lets not forget about the TU pointing out that

also prohibited is the sale of paraphernalia like non-tobacco hookah pipes, pipes and rolling papers to people under 21

Albany County now joins similar bans in New York City, Suffolk County on Long Island and Chautauqua County in western New York.

So tobacco smokers, vapers, and "other" recreational smokers alike will now have to wait until they are old enough to legally start binge drinking before they can pollute their lungs and blow those fat clouds.

I got to be honest "back in my day" the legal age of purchase didn't detour anyone plus kids nowadays already seem to be well aware that smoking is bad. But hey if it sways just one kid away it has essentially served it's purpose right?