Thanksgiving is creeping closer and closer, which means of course that Black Friday and shopping madness are ALSO creeping closer and closer.  Some areas of New York (including my home town) have already had the first snowfall of the season, and a whole lot of stores already have seasonal displays up in full force.  Not long ago, I posted about stores that are actually closed for Thanksgiving this year so that people can enjoy the holiday.  However, one Capital Region department store will be open for sure this year, and earlier than before!

According to WNYT, JCPenney will be opening at 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day, for "Black Friday" shopping (even though it's still Thanksgiving Thursday).  The savings doesn't stop there- they also are advertising 'Black Friday' prices from November 16-18th on certain items, so you can get your shopping in early!  The easiest (but possibly busiest) place to head is the JCPenney right at Crossgates Mall.  The bonus of that is that while you're cashing on on JCPenney savings, you've also got access to a lot of other boutiques and department stores to hit up for holiday deals.  There's also a JCPenney located in Clifton Park, right by Clifton Park Center, and ALSO conveniently located to a lot of other stores.  You can browse all the JCPenney store locates at their website here.

Enjoy the shopping!