In a world where hate speech is in our face on the daily we thought we'd spread some good vibes on this weeks Free Advice Friday.

Man it sure does seem that negative and hate speech is something that we see and hear daily. Especially in the internet age where everyone always has something to say and can hide behind a keyboard to complain about anything and everything. Seriously, some people really take time out of their day to log on and gripe about the most trivial things.

Well yesterday we officially kicked off the month of June and apparently June 1st is National Say Something Nice Day and as I was scrolling though my feeds I was pleasantly surprised to see so many positive and complimentary posts and comments and decided that #SaySomethingNice should exist for more than just a day.

So on this weeks Free Advice Friday we thought we'd spread the word to #SaySomethingNice check it out!