A Schenectady man who had been charged with falsely reporting an incident involving swastikas spray-painted on his home, has admitted to lying.

According to The Daily Gazette, 54 yr old Andrew King who we had first reported about on March 21 where he had claimed that he found two swastikas spray-painted on his Chiswell Road home, admitted in court last week that he lied to police. He now says that he put the swastikas there himself and falsely reported it to be an unknown person. He will be getting three years probation. King was arrested on March 20 when police had concluded that King put them there himself. Police charged him with a misdemeanor and he also faced an additional charge of harassment not related to the same incident. Prosecutors had offered him a plea deal of 15 days in jail and 3 years probation for a guilty plea in both cases. King collapsed during a court appearance earlier this year and was removed from the building by paramedics.

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