A schenectady man has been sentenced after trying to set his wife on fire this past March.

According to The Daily Gazette, a jury found 47 year old Michael J. Harris Sr. guilty of lighting a building at 53 Jay St. in Schenctady on fire just after 5:30am on March 11 and tossing gasoline in the direction of his wife, also trying to light her on fire as well. The gasoline missed his wife, and neither her nor anyone else was injured. Harris was sentenced last week to 15 years in state prison according to Schenectady County District Attorney's officials. He was facing up to 25 years and possible consecutive terms for the attempted assault. Prosecutor Michael DeMatteo said that an argument between Harris and his wife had started at a bar that night in which Harris had gotten physical with her. She eventually left and Harris was removed from the bar. He then went to the Jay St. building where his wife was and used bottles filled with gasoline to attempt to light the building and his wife on fire. This guy definitely ain't winning any 'Husband of the Year' awards. Just terrible. We're glad his wife is ok.

The Harrison case occurred almost a week after a similar case involving another Schenectady couple where the husband set his wife on fire and she actually died from her injuries.