With the new year fast approaching you are probably going to make that resolution to get off the couch and get into shape. While the gym may be the way to go, the internet also has a variety of tips as well. While the workouts displayed are mainly for the ladies, I'm sure the gents out there will also take a peak at what keeps these ladies so in shape.

  • Intense Butt & Legs

    One of the most important workouts for the ladies seems to be the buns and thighs. Not that us guys are complaining or anything, but this lovely lady seems to know what she is doing.

  • Tone The Butt At Home

    The first video by bikini model Elnara. She shows you an easy way to workout that junk in the trunk right from the comfort of your own home. pretty sure she is also showing you how to do something else that could be useful in the bedroom.

  • How Female Athletes Workout From Home

    Whoever invented the booty shorts is a genius. Ignore that this woman is practically naked and you will actually see that she is doing some pretty tough stuff. No pain no gain right?

  • Elnara's Hot Butt Workout

    Bikini model Elnara is very much into sculpting her backside and from what we see, she has done a pretty good job with it so far. Though we would like to challenge her to a good game of leap frog.

  • Another Butt Workout With Elnara

    Ladies obviously Elnara is an ass expert. This is another one of her many butt workouts and this time she has added some ankle weights and a stability ball. Pretty intense, but if you want that booty rockin' than you have to put in the work!

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