The rooftop penthouse that John Lennon briefly lived in with his mistress May Pang during what he described as his "Lost Weekend" is up for sale for $5.5 Million. By the way, that lost weekend was actually about 18 months and this apartment played host to a ton a famous people including Andy Warhol, Harry Nelson, Ringo, and Paul McCartney.

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This was also the apartment where John Lennon and May Pang said they saw a UFO from the terrace. It was described as a circular object, shaped like a flattened cone, and on top was a large, brilliant red light. They called the police who told them to chill out and they had received a lot of calls about the UFO on August 23, 1974.

This is also the famous apartment where the iconic pictures of John Lennon wearing the white "New York City" t-shirt. The pictures were taken out on the terrace balcony.


Well, now the totally renovated apartment is up for sale for $5.5 million. The apartment is 4,000-square-foot and spans three floors atop the exclusive Southgate co-op in Sutton Place. It has a 2000 square-foot terrace that overlooks New York City.

John Lennon's 'Lost Weekend' Penthouse Apartment

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