Remember when you had to shovel your own driveway and sidewalks when an unexpected snow storm occurred? Well, now there is an app for that.

It seems that there is an app for almost everything nowadays and I'm not exactly hating on it. Especially when one becomes available that can save us time and energy in these busy times that we live in.

Snow days are super fun and all when you are a kid and you get a free day to veg at home or play in the snow and don't really have anything to worry about. As an adult, however, you still have responsibilities. I don't know about you but I still have to get up and go to work (and be on time) when the snow starts falling from the sky.

The worst is when you are really not expecting it and it just dumps snow overnight and you wake up at the normal time and realize you are going to forgo a shower so that you can spend that time shoveling the driveway and sidewalks and digging your car out. Or even when the snow is so bad that you really need a plow to get out.

Well, there is an app called SnoHub that just became available in the Albany area that will connect you with contractors in the area that according to the TU will come and plow you out offering services like:

Clearing front, back and side walkways, driveways and in front of garage doors. They'll also put down salt on walkways or driveways.

You can even order services for a relative or friend who may not be up to the task anymore or just need some assistance for the time being.

I feel like this app could be really helpful when you don't necessarily need a plow service for a whole season and just need one on a case by case basis or in a particular time of need.

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