In a world where we need to get everywhere faster and are always in a hurry. Albany decided to change the speed limit on a well traveled road.

I am all for a speed limit becoming a touch faster within reason. In the case of South Pearl Street in Downtown Albany, even slower is okay.. Like I said above, within reason. What I am lacking to understand is why this change is happening. This may be because I never drive on this section of road, so maybe you can enlighten us in the comments section on Facebook.

Most people tend to drive at least five miles per hour above the speed limit anyway so is this to potentially get drivers to not do 35 MPH? Could it be a change to bring on tickets? Odds are it is a pure safety precaution however, I do not see how five miles an hour will make all that much of a difference if indeed it is that.

Here is what you need to know. The change will be in effect between the intersections of First Avenue and Old South Pearl. Not a long stretch of the road by any mean, but still something you should be on the lookout for. Odds are they will be handing out tickets left and right at the start of the new speed. So be careful. What are your thoughts on the speed limit change? Agree or disagree?


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