Oh it's about that time again ...


Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Spring is on the way and it's time to for that to reflect in our day time hours! Saturday night (March 12th, 2016) you're going to want to make sure you set your clocks ahead another hour so you don't end up running late for anything you've got going on Sunday, or Monday for that matter.

Daylight savings time is a thing and it's happening. Look I'm totally not a fan of loosing an hour of sleep because honestly, I could probably sleep forever. I am however so ready for it not to be dark all the time. We had that extremely gorgeous day last week and I got  the fever! I'm ready for some day drinking on deck pretty much anywhere. It probably won't make for a super happy Candace in the am hours but I've never been a morning person anyway so it's totally worth it. So don't forget ..