If you feel like you are in need of a nap today, you are not alone.


Today is National Nap Day and we are celebrating on this day for good reason. Apparently National Nap day always falls the day after daylight savings time every year. They do this because obviously, we lost an hour of time the day before so you may notice that many of us may be a bit sluggish.

I am at that point in the day right now where I could really, really use a nice nap (or a 5 hr energy) I'm seriously contemplating weather or not people would notice if I crawled under the console and grabbed a couple of winks???

national nap day

I'm fairly confident I could make it happen only there is two things keeping me from actually doing it ... 1.) I'm not sure who or what has been down there (or the last time it was cleaned) and 2.) I feel like I would be too worried some one would walk in ... and then things would be awkward and I don't think I really want to have that conversation with anyone.

So I've decide to push through to the end of the day (hopefully) but hey if you can make a nap happen at work mad props to you. Fill me in on how you managed to pull it off, pix pr it didn't happen!