Saturday madness?

Kegs and Eggs 2011 has forever changed our St. Patrick's Day parade. Saturday's parade will be cracking down on open containers and public drunk and disorderliness. In addition, UAlbany has already sent their students home for spring break. There's even a hotline number to call if you see something suspicious or have drunk people near your kids, reports News 10 ABC.

With all the chaos that seems to come with the parade, why do we even still do it? It's great for business along the route and is recognized as one of the top events that happens in Albany. It does so well, Albany is looking to shift the cost of the parade to local business who benefit being along the parade route.

Will this stop me from waking up at 7:30 on Saturday and drinking until I can't tell time? Certainly not, but the video below is something we shouldn't have happen again.

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