Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, was one of the many, caught in the blizzard that hit the east coast, over the weekend. While walking through downtown New York City, with his daughter Mia, Steven Tyler did this impromptu interview with CNN.

I am often, accused of over-thinking, and I thought a lot about that, but not as much as I thought about what is going on in this video.

I enjoyed the interview, I always enjoy it when someone interviews Steven Tyler, and in this interview, he is rocking a stash, and talking about how hot chocolate, is all you need to wait out a blizzard, but I noticed a few things about this clip that make complete sense.

First thing I noticed, is that the reporter is starstruck by Steven Tyler, and she seems to be 1 step away from throwing herself at him, and that makes me think, it must be great to be Steven Tyler.

Or is it?

Because the man can't even walk through a blizzard, with his daughter, without some girl with a microphone and a camera crew, wanting an interview you, then she starts coming at you like some kind of groupie, even after you tell her that you're a grandpa.

The worst thing about being Steven Tyler: Is that every one of his daughters is hot, and Mia even listens to metal, and there is nothing cooler then a hot metal chick, but if you're Steven Tyler, you can't think that's cool because it's his daughter, he has to be proud instead. I don't know about all of you, but I used to watch the video for "Crazy" just to stare at Liv and Alicia Silverstone, but if you're Stephen Tyler, you can only stare at Alicia Silverstone, which is not a bad thing.

But don't take my word for it, take the "Steven Tyler test," watch this, and see if you can ignore Liv.

In conclusion, Steven Tyler is a great man, he has given us beautiful music, and woman, which is only fair because if they're not his daughter, they're pretty much his, and if you don't believe me just watch the video again. The man could of blinked the wrong way, and ended up with another daughter with this reporter.

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