Oh Deer! An Open Letter to the Beautiful Deer I See on my Morning Commute
I live in Mechanicville and I drive back roads and farm roads to get to work. Each morning, before dawn I see at least four or five deer in the fields as I pass through. Some of them are closer to the road than others. But I wanted to tell these beautiful animals that my lights are not enticing and not to jump out at my car.
Photograph Rare Wolves In New York
How cool would it be to get up close with wolves, observe them in their natural environment and take pictures of them? Without being in danger of course. Are you kidding me? That would be an amazing experience. One that you would never forget!
After Recent Attacks, A Coyote Warning is Issued
As Spring approaches, so does wildlife, and as reported by News 10 abc, the DEC has announced it's annual warning and guidelines regarding coyotes.  News 10 abc reports that this Monday, a coyote tested positive for rabies that had attacked eight people, including a police officer...

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