What is causing large numbers of Songbirds around the United States to die? Scientists are baffled and looking for your help. Whatever it may be, New Yorkers should keep a watchful eye until the mystery is solved.

According to Science Alert, since May, hundreds of blue jays, American Robins, northern cardinals and other Songbirds have been found either sick or dead in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and other mid-Atlantic states and could make it's way to New York.

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Fox News reports that the Department of Fish and Wildlife describe the condition of these birds when found to have swollen eyes with crusty discharge. Some appear to have difficulty lifting their heads, tremors, erratic flight and other neurological symptoms.

This is where you come in. Scientists and officials at the United States Geological Survey are now asking the public for help. If you recognize any of these ill birds contact the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.


To date there have not been a noticeable amount of these birds in New York state, however should this spread our way wildlife and animal experts are urging people to keep pets inside and avoid handling birds with bare hands. Also, eliminate any feeding stations and bird baths until this is under control.



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