I saw a Black Bear on my drive to Q1057 last week.

It was a big Black Bear....well, at least to me it seemed big.

I was driving from Averill Park on NY-43 and right before the Lakeview Restaurant on Crystal Lake and this bear ran in front of my Jeep, across the road, between a couple of buildings and disappeared into the trees.  Seeing a bear “in the wild” was cool, but also a little freaky. I was told by people that there were bears in the area, but don’t worry about it, you’ll probably never see one.

I’ve been in the Capital Region a little over a month and I’ve already seen one. Am I lucky? ‘Cause I don’t feel lucky.

I mentioned it to my neighbor and she told me, “Oh yes we’ve seen them around. There was one in your driveway last year.” WHAT?!?! Then she proceeded to tell me that the Coyotes in the area are very aggressive and will try to attack my dogs so be careful letting them out especially at night. She said one coyote will whimper and act like it’s hurt and lure your dog away from your house and then the others will attack your dog. I didn’t realize we had velociraptor/coyote hybrids here! That’s straight outta Jurassic Park kinda stuff. Remember the "Clever girl" scene from the original movie?

This is our first time living “out in the country” so we’re learning as we go. So, what other "wildlife dangers" do I need to be aware of? Lions? Tigers? Sharks in Sand Lake? Let me know in the comments below.