You may have noticed that we got a little snow yesterday making travel a bit difficult. So we decided to hit record on our drive home from the studio ...

Winter storm Liam dumped some decent snow on the Capital Region and pretty much all of Upstate New York yesterday and even though there was a travel warning and a lot of folks around the area got a snow day (or work from home day) there are some of us that had to 'brave' the elements to get our jobs done.

So, on my commute home during "rush hour" I decided to hit record as I cruised down Washington Avenue in the snow. What you won't hear are the couple of screams I had sliding out at a couple turns and the sound of the ice build up on my windshield wipers scraping against the window but you will get an idea of the state of the roads at 5 o'clock on a weekday during a winter storm in Albany, NY. Don't worry, we sped up the video so you won't have to crawl along at a snails pace like I did.

How was your commute home last night?