After Apple's iPad was released and how it was selling as well as changing things, other companies wanted in. So we started to see new tablets being developed. Samsung developed the Galaxy using the Android software, and HP gave us a WebOS tablet, which it then stopped selling soon after. But now we have another entry into the tablet market. GameStop.

GameStop was thinking along the lines of an iTunes like store setup, and was even playing with the idea of creating it's own OS for the device. But they decided to go with Android and plans on selling these tablets preloaded with a few titles already installed. Game stop has been looking for ways to adapt to the ways gamers are consuming content. They already had a web based like store for online games. This strategy appears to move along those lines.

The tablet is one that is already in production by an unnamed third party manufacturer. Tony Bartel, president of GameStop said "I don't see any need to create a new tablet with the three hundred or so on the market already.." He went on to say that they will sell it along side consoles like the XBox and PS3 but gave no date on release of the tablet. The tablet will also have a dedicated controller which is unique for a tablet device.

While a lot of the other manufacturers are making a general purpose tablet, GameStop is the first to do something aimed at gaming. I like this idea. they focus one one type of app that is kind of sparse on the market and start to build on that. Once a price point is released, and if it's in the right area, I think I could be swayed to want to jump on this. I'll be watching the GameStop store down the road from me to see when it happens.What do you think about this new tablet?