So much for hanging out in the pool and enjoying a good time!

Shark Alert In Florida
Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to a news article by the Times Union, 7 live and 3 dead sharks were found in the basement pool of a home in New York's Hudson Valley.  Not one shark (which would be bizarre enough).  Not two sharks.  SEVEN live sharks (and unfortunately three dead).  Of the sharks found, there were hammerhead, leopard, and sandbar sharks.  Worst of all, according to the Times Union, they were found in an above-ground pool that was only fifteen feet in diameter. Officials are working on an ongoing investigation as of this time, and the living sharks have found safe refuge at the Long Island Aquarium.

Shark Bite Research Carried Out At UNSW
Credit: Ian Waldie/ Getty Images

Earlier this summer, I wrote a blog post about a dead bull shark found in a Texas lake.  To me, that was weird news.  However, seven living sharks in a pool in a New York home relatively close to the Capital District?  Weird news just got kicked up a notch.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it's an understatement.  The Times Union doesn't say how or why the sharks came to be in the home or pool, so I'll be interested to keep following this news story.  Either way, here's to hanging with normal pets like cats and dogs, and leaving the sharks in the ocean where they belong.