While here in NY, we've recently experienced some sewage issues in our local bodies of water, another part of the country stumbled upon decomposing bull shark remains in a lake. Yes, you read hat right- a BULL SHARK in a lake. According to a new article by the Times Union, a 25 year old man was four-wheeling when he reportedly came across the dead shark in a lake in Liberty County, Texas.

If you've ever fished fresh water or marine water in New York, you know that sometimes you can stumble across some crazy things. I've pulled up a pike in Lake Champlain (totally normal), a whole lot of bass inn the Adirondacks (totally normal), and occasionally some pieces of trash (unfortunate). But a bull shark has to be by far the craziest thing I've heard! According to the article, apparently the game warden down there thinks it was dumped in the lake by a fisherman. How said fisherman originally got the bull shark and why? Your guess is better than mine.

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