• 1

    Circus Peanuts

    What are these.  Really.  Chalky, peach-pink colored, off-tasting, disgusting waste of a candy.  Don't ever give me a circus peanut.  *Snickers please!

  • 2

    Necco Wafers

    I get my wafers during communion at Church.  I certainly don't want them on a holiday celebrating all things sac-religious and spooky.  *Reese's please!

  • 3

    Good & Plenty

    Good & Disgusting. The only good licorice is red licorice.  And that's not even really licorice, it's completely fake.  Which is probably why it tastes so good!  *Milky Way please!

  • 4


    I'm legitimately a beekeeper. I have more honey around my house than one could ever possibly eat in a lifetime.  I'm all set thank you.  You can keep your Bit-O-Honey and it's teeth-ruining qualities.  *Twizzlers please!

  • 5

    Random Hard Candies

    No No No No No! I don't want an old random hard candy in an unlabeled wrapper that resembles something in the hard dish of my Grandmother's living room during my childhood. NO! *Candy Corn please!