In year one of our hometown expansion team, The Albany Empire have clinched their first regular season title!

Think about that, just 3 months ago we had no clue how well this team would turn out playing, of course, we all were extremely confident they would, but man. In year one to end the regular season with the best record in the Arena Football League. Very good boys!

Yesterday at home, the Empire closed out their season with a win that gave them the regular season title. That is not all though. They also are the team in the league to have the highest attendance for the season. This will allow them to host the Arena Bowl should they get to the championship game.

To do that they have to win against the Washington Valor next weekend and the following. If they do that.. Our boys will be playing for the Arena Football League Championship!! In year ONE, and at home!! Coach Rob Keefe had this to say,

"It feels great, still a long way to go," Albany head coach Rob Keefe said. "Super proud as an organization, super proud of the fan base, the coaching staff, and the players who did a tremendous job." - TIMES UNION

Congratulations to The Albany Empire!! Let's get that championship!