Yesterday I was enjoying one of the many classic American favorites- the popsicle. It was the brand that comes with three flavors that have those corny, awful jokes on the sticks that make me laugh really hard because of their stupidity. It got me thinking of all the dumb jokes I read on popsicle sticks every summer so I've compiled a list of my favorites. Enjoy and have a laugh today.

What key won't open any door? - A Donkey

What kind of fruit do trees like? - Pine-apple

Why don't seagulls fly by the bay? - Because then they'd be called bagels

How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend? - He gave her a ring

What animal should you never play cards with? - A Cheetah

Where do books sleep? - Under their covers

Why didn't the lobster like to share? - Because he was shellfish

What do you get if you stick a vampire outside in winter? - Frost bite

Why were the refrigerator foods afraid? - The milk went bad and turned rotten

What's the hardest thing about skydiving? - The ground

What's your favorite popsicle stick joke?

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