Steven Tyler, lead singer for the Boston band Aerosmith, turns 75-years-old this month. For this celebration it is likely that Tyler will share the day with family. Did you know that this bad boy from Boston has a family history in the Capital Region of New York? Steven himself didn't know that until about 6 years ago when he visited 41 Burgoyne Street in the village of Schuylerville, NY.

Steven Tyler and his daughter, actress Liv Tyler, made their way to the Albany area to trace Steven's family history and that led them to Prospect Hill Cemetery.

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In 2017 the TLC show Who Do You Think You Are?, which follows celebrities as they trace their family tree with the help of historians and experts, shared an episode featuring Liv Tyler. The episode revealed that Steven Tyler comes from a long line of musicians with roots in Schuylerville.

DNA Explained reports that Steven Tyler's Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, Robert Elliott, served as a drummer in the War of 1812. Tyler is also a drummer. Steven's Great-Great-Grandfather, George Washington Elliott, served as a drummer in the Civil War. Upon George's retirement his residence was listed as Schuylerville, NY.

This brings us to the final resting place of George Washington Elliott, Prospect Hill Cemetery in Schuylerville. For Season 9, episode 8 of Who Do You Think You Are?, Steven Tyler joined Liv in Schuylerville to visit the cemetery where his Great-Great-Grandfather is buried.

Steven Tyler, also known as Steven Victor Tallarico, has roots right here in the Capital Region. The Tallarico side of his family had a strong presence of musicians and now he knows that his mother's side does as well. If you take the ride to Prospect Hill Cemetery you will find the gravestones in Plot 70. Keep scrolling, I'll show you.

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