Change can be good right?

Okay, so as long as we will still be able to enjoy the dough covered chicken and cream cheesy awesomeness we may be able to navigate through these changes.

So remember back at the end of July when we told you how the creators of the Doughboy were seeking approval from the City of Mechanicville to operate a commercial bakery so that they could distribute the Saratoga delicacy outside of the Capital Region?

Well, it looks like part of bringing the Doughboys to the masses includes changing the name of our beloved "doughboys". So they are in the processes of being rebranded as the "Oboy" (with an umlaut over the second “o”). According to Saratoga Living the reason behind the name change is simply because the name is already taken. In some of New York's neighboring states people call fried dough with powdered sugar a "Doughboy". So as not to confuse everyone in their quest to expand distribution of the doughboy we now have to start calling them "Oboy".

While I totally get why the name needs to change and I realize that it is not that big of a difference I still think that I will probably call them Doughboy's for as long as they exist. Do you think you will be able to make the change?

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