It's a thing, I have a friend that is afraid of any white condiment, I don't have a fear of condiments but too much of a condiment makes me uncomfortable.

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Why am I blogging about this?

Why do I blog about anything?

To keep you mutant flesh bubbles on your nubby little toes.

Last night I ordered a sub, well I did not order it I just told the lady what to put on the sub. When it came time to add the condiments I asked for " A little mayo." Apparently the lady's concept of 'a little' is very different from mine because in my opinion she drowned my beautiful sandwich in mayo and because my wife can not cook and I was feeling lazy I had to eat the mayo soaked sandwich.

I can still kind of taste it, I can still kind of feel it on my face, I keep trying to wipe it off but there is nothing there!!!!

I can handle a little mayo, just enough to scrape across the bread, same goes for mustard but I dip things like pretzels and cheese in mustard and I am not afraid of it.

There is something about mayo that bugs me out, but unlike my friend I do enjoy other white condiments like ranch.

My friend and I are not crazy though, check it out.

And to contradict myself and gross you out.

And one for the kids.


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