Election Day is getting closer and closer, there is plenty of time for more shots to be fired between the two sides, but when it is all over do you really expect anything to change in America?

If Donald Trump wins the election we will probably find ourselves where we were eight years ago and if Hillary Clinton wins the election it will be just another day in America, ether way nothing will really change, things may get a little worse but not any better.

People will complain, they always do, that is what America does.

If Donald Trump wins, people say that they will move to Canada, a very small portion of the population may actually move to a different country but no significant amount of people will do much of anything but complain about how their candidate did not win.

If Hillary Clinton wins, Texas will says that they are going to secede, just like they were supposed to when Obama became President.

In conclusion: The only thing we really learned throughout this election is that Madonna swallows.


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