London men's luxury brand Dunhill has introduced their newest item- a virtually indestructible (Indestructible!) wallet. The new biometric wallet has a Bluetooth proximity alarm, carbon fiber shell and a fingerprint sensor for ultimate security. Sound awesome? All you need to get this item is a decent fingerprint, oh and $825.

You never have to worry about being robbed again. Even if your wallet is ever stolen, it will be impossible for the robber to get into the wallet and steal your money and cards. What happens after it's stolen and the robber realizes he can't get in the wallet is another story though.

It really is another story. If you're worried about being robbed, don't worry! The entire wallet can be linked to your cell phone via Bluetooth, and if your phone and wallet are are ever more than 15 feet (five meters) apart, the Bluetooth alarm sounds. You can of course turn this off when you're at home or work where your devices are more apt to be far apart from one another.

The exterior of the wallet is constructed from highly durable carbon fibre that will resist all but the most concerted effort to open it, while the interior features a luxurious leather credit card holder and a strong stainless steel money clip.

Go here to see pictures and details of the wallet, and purchase if you want one.

What do you think about this wallet? Would you spend the money on something that will protect your assets? Would it have to do more in order for you to spend the money?