I have never stolen anything because I'm an American who tries to lead by example, but it does not work. People steal street signs all the time, I have heard many stories from people who are very proud to have stolen a street sign.

I do not support the stealing of street signs, but I do not like signs because of this song.

I like street signs that tell you where you are, but not street signs that tell you what to do.

Like Stop signs, they never say please.

I don't like the sign that says "Slow Children at Play," because me wonder what happened to all of the fast children, should I not be looking out for fast children?

I don't like "Dead End" signs because I always see potential, because I am an optimist.

I don't like the sign that reads "Keep Out Authorized Personnel Only," it gets me into trouble because I always enter where the sign tells me to keep out, because I am looking for the authorized personnel that is not supposed to be there.

I don't like signs that read "Visitor or Customer Parking Only," because if I am a visitor or a customer,because I want to do more then just park.

Not all people feel the way I do, some people love signs so much that they need to have them, so they can hang them on the wall in their bedroom, basement or garage.


So that when someone asks them about it, they can tell them the story of how they stole the sign. It usually starts with: "I was so drunk."