It was an icy, windy Winter here in New York State. As the ground begins to thaw and we transition to Spring you will see the flowers start to pop, grass will become greener and some will begin suffering from allergies.

Another Spring encounter you might have is the New York State bear population coming out of hibernation and they are hungry! Is your family safe this time of year? Are you doing the right things to keep them away from home?

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has advice for all New Yorkers. Bears are starting to come out of hibernation and they haven't eaten in a long time. Some of the things they will do to feed will bring them close to you and your family.

At the top of the list near your home would be bird feeders and garbage pails. The DEC recommends taking down the bird feeders and securing your garbage. If not these big guys could be in your yard looking for lunch.


If you don't take down the feeders, and secure the cans, bears will return and the more they do that the more bold they become. That will lead them to seek out what else you might have to eat. Not only that but intentionally feeding the bears is illegal in New York State.

If you are anywhere North of Manhattan you are likely in bear country. It would be wise to not only take down birdfeeders but also clean up any remaining bird seed now, begin storing garbage inside secure buildings until the morning of collection, and feed pets indoors. Video courtesy of NYDEC.


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