It's that time of year again!  With Labor Day weekend upon us, it is 'back to school' season, and pretty soon children through college age students alike will be spending their days in classrooms and (hopefully) learning.  Interestingly enough is what they'll be learning.  According to a recent article posted by the Times Union, a whopping 70% of New York State school board members support the teaching of climate change in public schools.  The percent that don't? Only a mere 16%.  The remaining 14% of New York State school board members... unsure.

One of the concerns expressed by the School Boards Association is the influence of teacher's personal views upon what students are being taught.  Also, to go even further, the Times Union reports that of the 70% that support the teaching of climate change, there are differences regarding what should be taught.  Some supporters believe it should be taught that humans contribute to climate change, some don't.

Now, despite if you are a supporter of or oppose climate change, and what your personal beliefs are, we can all agree that either way we've had some chilly nights this week!  In fact, according to News 10 weather alerts, there is a frost advisory in effect from midnight tonight through 8 am tomorrow for multiple counties in New York.  Here's to hoping that it warms up for the Labor Day weekend!  And if not, here's to hoping you have one heck of a campfire to give off a lot of warmth!!!