So year in and year out you see these things. They seem relatively harmless, however I am not a scientist and can't verify that. Here is why there is an influx of them currently.

Now I myself am not super phased by them. Don't get me wrong. I hate them. They smell and are just a nuisance to have around the home. One positive. My cats have fun with them. Negative, they are freaking everywhere!!!! I had one in the bathtub the other day when I went to hop in the shower. I turned on the water and watched this thing struggle for dear life. After about thirty seconds of struggling finally dude gave up the fight.

I have found putting some gorilla tape down throughout the house tends to be a trap for them. They can't escape it. The reason you are seeing so many is because they just came off a feeding and are looking for a warm home to hibernate in. Cut and short answer but before I get too long winded, there is one of these suckers on my wall right now so, pardon me. Splat.

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